“The magic of first-rate Henson style puppetry and the ribald joy of comedy” -The San Francisco Chronicle
“You don’t just get to laugh at the inventions of the puppeteers. You also feel like you get a window into how all those great Henson movies and TV shows were actually made” -The Chicago Tribune
“It is nearly impossible to spend the show’s two hours doing anything but laugh. Grade A.” - Entertainment Weekly
PUPPET UP! - is an outrageous and very spontaneous show, featuring over 60 original Henson puppets - a motley group of characters brought to life by a cast of six world-class puppeteers of The Jim Henson Company in a night of off the cuff comedy. Each show is a unique experience due to its improvisational nature, showcasing the wit, technique, and that trademark Henson dryness and sly anarchy.


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