“It’s not just the stunningly similar appearances to the superstars; it’s also the pitch-perfect live vocals and signature choreography that make up the complete winning package.” – Robin Leach
”Was it real...or was it “Legends in Concert?” To tell you the truth, at times it was hard to tell.” – The Boston Herald
”Constant change keeps Legends in Concert fresh.” – Las Vegas Review Journal
”Grand! It’s a cosmic curtain call of Legends. Accept no imitations..” – World News Tonight

HEAR THE VOICES, See Your Idols and Experience the World’s Greatest Tribute Artists as they sing live on stage!

LEGENDS IN CONCERT is the longest-running show in Las Vegas, and after 33 years is still voted #1 tribute show in the city. The internationally acclaimed and award-winning production is known as the pioneer of live tribute shows, and possesses the greatest collection of live tribute artists in the world. These incredible tribute artists have pitch perfect live vocals, signature choreography, and stunningly similar appearances to the legends they portray. LEGENDS IN CONCERT is known for elaborate theatrical sets, magnificent costumes and a full array of special effects. An outstanding cast of accomplished tribute artists, talented ensemble of singers and dancers, and a live band comprised of some the industry’s top musicians, bring the musical experience to life.


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